Definition of countryside in English:



  • 1[mass noun] The land and scenery of a rural area.

    ‘they explored the surrounding countryside’
    [as modifier] ‘countryside conservation groups’
    • ‘Unable to free their car, the two friends roam the countryside looking for help.’
    • ‘She enjoys spending time by herself, and prefers the countryside to the city.’
    • ‘The many temples that dot the countryside have been either damaged or have collapsed.’
    • ‘It's easy to spend whole fascinating days exploring the surrounding countryside.’
    • ‘We disembarked a few days ago, and are now marching steadily north through the countryside to our destination city.’
    • ‘For the remainder of the month, the army scoured the countryside in search of remaining camps.’
    • ‘I love the English countryside, particularly my own corner of it.’
    • ‘For centuries, control this fort and you could command the countryside for miles around.’
    • ‘Viticulture flourished despite the frequent civil wars, which were on too small a scale to devastate the Tuscan countryside.’
    • ‘The area around his home is open, hilly countryside with rough terrain.’
    • ‘And, of course, this city is a gateway to some of the finest countryside in the land.’
    • ‘Yet he adds he has loved the Scottish countryside from an early age through his enthusiasm for country sports.’
    • ‘The couple's Holy Grail was a huge mansion in the verdant English countryside.’
    • ‘They welcome us on their terrace, facing out over miles of peaceful open countryside.’
    • ‘Populated by some 68 indigenous ethic minorities, its spectacularly rugged countryside is dotted with their villages of stilted huts.’
    • ‘The drastic drop in numbers visiting the countryside has meant a rise in tourist trade to some urban destinations.’
    • ‘And so he kept on the move, criss-crossing a large region of gently rolling Cheshire countryside.’
    • ‘If not, communities living in the rural countryside would not be viable, he warned.’
    • ‘Definitely a most spectacular and colourful event to grace Swindon roads and beautiful surrounding countryside.’
    • ‘The surrounding countryside is beautiful and the stunning town of Krakow is an hour and a half away by car.’
    a rural area, a rural district, farmland, agricultural land, the country, the green belt, the great outdoors
    landscape, scenery, surroundings, setting, environment
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    1. 1.1The inhabitants of countryside areas.
      ‘the political influence of the countryside remains strong’
      • ‘In snubbing the countryside and its urban allies, the Government got it seriously wrong.’
      • ‘That is why there is no place in Cool Britannia for the people and culture of the countryside.’
      • ‘He has some of the facts and figures of just how dependent the countryside is on townie subsidy.’
      • ‘The reforms added fuel to the already smouldering social tension in the countryside.’