Definition of country service in English:

country service


mass nounNZ
  • Time spent teaching in a rural school, formerly required of every state teacher.

    ‘I met my wife in Kaikohe, where she was completing country service’
    • ‘This created dissatisfaction among country teachers who saw it as a subterfuge by city teachers to avoid country service.’
    • ‘He was a "townie" teacher doing his country service at Duvauchelles' school.’
    • ‘She explicitly embraced country service as her professional duty.’
    • ‘From the 1940s all teachers were required to undertake country service.’
    • ‘A specialist art teacher at a secondary school complained about the requirement that he either serve three years in a school approved for "country service", or forgo salary increments.’
    • ‘Teachers were trained for country service while at Training College.’
    • ‘The conditions under which teachers do country service will be reviewed in the context of salary claims received from the New Zealand Educational Institute.’
    • ‘A townie teacher doing country service pinned up a picture of a sheep and asked the class what it was.’
    • ‘The Party wants teachers who do any country service to be fast-tracked for permanency.’
    • ‘These communities are often the first posting for graduate teachers sent to 'do their country service.'’