Definition of country party in English:

country party


  • A political party supporting agricultural rather than manufacturing interests.

    • ‘His familiarity with a Tory radicalism rooted in the ideas of the country party enabled him, as well as the popular radicals, to draw on the republican tradition.’
    • ‘By the 1760s all politicians regarded themselves loosely as Whigs, but the term was appropriated by the old corps who had regrouped as an aristocratic country party led by Rockingham.’
    • ‘When the National Party formed in the 20s, it prided itself on being the country party.’
    • ‘For a start, similar beliefs, often tied back to the civic republicanism of the country party, exercised a lingering influence on Tory radicalism and even popular loyalism.’
    • ‘This could help the Tories because they do show themselves as the country party rather than the town party.’