Definition of counterweigh in English:



[with object]
  • Neutralize or cancel by exerting an opposite influence.

    ‘the reduction in transport charges would be great enough to counterweigh the expenditure’
    • ‘The support of the traditionally diehard unionist Daily Express was to counterweigh the opposition of more recalcitrant Conservatives.’
    • ‘Ultimately, the exertions to counterweigh the awfulness of his actions with his gentle inner qualities yield a totally unbelievable character.’
    • ‘The Community Method is not only a means of counterweighing the influence of big states to the advantage of small ones.’
    • ‘This recent movement did not have sufficient weight to counterweigh the rights of other children and their self-proclaimed parents.’
    • ‘Relatively autonomous towns counterweighed the influence of county officers.’
    • ‘Unions may be compelled to make concessions in order to counterweigh the incentives for employers to seek lower operating costs abroad.’
    • ‘Several critics have pointed out information technology's negative aspects, partly to counterweigh the hype about all of its merits.’
    neutralize, counterbalance, counteract, balance, balance out, countervail
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