Definition of counterstroke in English:



  • An attack carried out in retaliation.

    ‘the army were building up forces for a counterstroke’
    • ‘The use of rifle, machine-gun, and artillery fire combined with engineer structures, field fortifications and counterstrokes made defense impenetrable for an attacking force.’
    • ‘On 10 September Abercromby repulsed a counterstroke by Gen Brune on the Zijpe dyke and with reinforcements raising the force to 34,000, the Duke of York assumed command and took the offensive.’
    • ‘Therefore, combat action should be prioritized to ensure favorable conditions for delivering a massive retaliatory counterstroke against the enemy, maintaining the firmness of defense at any cost.’
    • ‘Now he could exercise close control over both the battle on the peninsula and preparations for an amphibious counterstroke, now planned for mid-September.’
    • ‘The challenge facing an annihilating counterstroke is not theoretical but practical: how do we accomplish it?’
    • ‘So, as a counterstroke, I would suggest that the company will need to respond quickly, and it will have to go well beyond a few cases of soda!’
    • ‘It was basically designed to ensure an effective holding of defensive positions by concentrating defending forces and to regain lost positions by mounting counterattacks and counterstrokes.’
    • ‘True, at present the main thrust is placed mostly on engaging an enemy force advancing for a counterstroke with air strikes and long-range precision weapons.’
    • ‘The impact of modern missile defense systems on the effectiveness of the classic nuclear deterrence triad - retaliatory strike, retaliatory strike / counterstroke, and preemptive strike - is highly topical in present day conditions.’
    • ‘In particular, the massing of men and equipment along the axis of attack should proceed more covertly and only within a period that is necessary to perform specific tasks in order to avoid heavy losses from possible enemy counterstrokes.’
    • ‘Because of the nonescalatory nature of truly limited warfare, a nation initiating a limited war needs the ‘power of isolation ‘to defend itself against an unlimited counterstroke.’’
    • ‘Brilliant counterstroke on the part of The Blues: use the North-West as Shadow Cabinet meeting place.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, General MacArthur and his staff had been planning a counterstroke.’
    • ‘Following a period of tensions and preparations for war the opposing sides simultaneously open military operations by launching counterstrokes.’
    • ‘Liberals will cheer his new-found decisiveness, but it opens the way for the president to deal him a counterstroke that can all but end this election.’
    • ‘Placing a bet on inflicting restraining damage in the course of a retaliatory strike / counterstroke, however, involves the risk that the decision to carry it out will be made too late.’
    • ‘To me - with only a touch of satire or irony - the analogy is to the Battle of the Bulge - a bold, but ultimately self-defeating counterstroke from a retreating army.’
    • ‘It was the Scottish counterstroke that proved to be a worse disaster even than Flodden.’
    • ‘Right up to the Red Army entering Berlin, Hitler was plotting a counterstroke, using divisions and regiments with all the combat power of companies and platoons.’
    • ‘In the operational defense, in addition to fire pockets, killing grounds can be organized into which the enemy attacking force is trapped and subsequently destroyed with surprise counterstrokes from the flanks.’
    revenge, vengeance, reprisal, retribution, requital, recrimination, an eye for an eye, an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth, getting even, redress, repayment, payback
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