Definition of counterspy in English:



  • A spy engaged in counter-espionage.

    • ‘If so, the first thing our war on terror needs is an Angleton-type counterspy.’
    • ‘But the Soviet penetrator Aldrich Ames breezed through two of those tests, causing our counterspies to lower their guard and ignore obvious clues to the source of espionage that cost the lives of ten U.S. agents in Russia.’
    • ‘At the same time, they were, and still are, fascinated by the exploits of secret agents and counterspies.’
    • ‘Twenty-four books were published after the war by self-proclaimed spies or counterspies - 19 by men and five by women.’
    • ‘Nash, a brilliant mathematician but an awkward human being, goes mad during the Cold War period, hallucinating about spies and counterspies.’
    • ‘It would take another eight years for the FBI to assemble the evidence to accuse Hanssen as a counterspy and place him under arrest.’
    • ‘As might be expected, the interview offers little new about Angleton or his work as a counterspy.’
    • ‘When we played war, I was a counterspy, blowing up ships, planes, and tanks.’
    • ‘This lady's career, in which she went from schoolgirl to counterspy to best-selling author, had several bumps with the paranormal, including a pre-Roswell encounter with UFOs.’
    • ‘The nation's top counterspy is now to be Ambassador to the world's most powerful country.’
    secret agent, undercover agent, enemy agent, foreign agent, secret service agent, intelligence agent, double agent, industrial spy, fifth columnist, mole, plant, scout
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