Definition of counterproliferation in English:



mass noun
  • Action intended to prevent an increase or spread in the possession of nuclear weapons.

    • ‘Robert Smith, special assistant to the president and senior director for proliferation strategy, counterproliferation, and homeland defense, reviewed the changes in the political-military landscape.’
    • ‘We should encourage China to greater participation in counterproliferation and other global security regimes.’
    • ‘I mean, we've spent a lot of time today talking about counterterrorism or counterproliferation.’
    • ‘In reaction, we have many leading-edge counterproliferation efforts (we need to invent the word conliferation).’
    • ‘We must develop appropriate countermeasures, including a range of pre-emptive counterproliferation activities and forces.’
    • ‘The indictment states that you knew she worked in the C.I.A.'s counterproliferation division.’
    • ‘This would fulfil the prophecies of Pentagon contingency planners who then can argue for yet more "counterproliferation" weapons, whether conventional or nuclear.’
    • ‘Many methods of coping with the possession of weapon of mass destruction are getting attention: warning systems, counterproliferation, and deterrence strategies.’
    • ‘Questions of terminology, international law, counterproliferation, multilateralism, military effectiveness, and ethical skepticism frame the developing dialogue.’
    • ‘Moreover, our analysts were supporting arms control and analyzing arms transfers long before the term "counterproliferation" came into vogue.’
    • ‘Strengthening nuclear counterproliferation measures is important, but the impact of a British nuclear renunciation would be minimal.’
    • ‘Counterproliferation operations will need to focus on ballistic and cruise missiles and on conventional weapons of mass destruction.’
    • ‘In the chapter by James J. Wirtz of the Naval Postgraduate School, the link is made between counterterror and counterproliferation of weapons of mass destruction.’
    • ‘Professor Jason Smith, offering one perspective, maintains that preventive action should be part of a broader strategy of counterproliferation.’
    • ‘The problem with counterproliferation is that it stimulates the threats it seeks to deter, as others seek weapons of mass destruction to deter us.’
    • ‘Counterproliferation includes a spectrum of military capabilities, from missile defense to disarming attacks.’
    • ‘Some of us believe strong nonproliferation policies are more important than counterproliferation ones.’
    • ‘The main thrust of his speech was intelligence reform, particularly in the areas of counterterrorism and counterproliferation.’
    • ‘The differences between chemical and biological weapons have profound implications for the United States nonproliferation, counterproliferation, and defensive strategies.’