Definition of countermove in English:



  • A move or other action made in opposition to another.

    ‘the regime is inhibited from making the clean sweep necessary to insure against a countermove in the future’
    • ‘He could have made a countermove and opened an office in New York.’
    • ‘There's a fury of thoughts in the slow, methodical pace of moves and countermoves.’
    • ‘The agency claims, ‘It enables you to anticipate your competitor's moves and develop countermoves to defend against them.’’
    • ‘Working through the various moves and countermoves is a delight.’
    • ‘Vickers does a good job of detailing the moves and countermoves of all the major players.’
    • ‘At the highest levels of chess, before you touch a piece, you are playing out an entire game of moves and countermoves in your head.’
    • ‘Reynolds' weight has dropped considerably, and he needs to increase his strength: he has good speed, but no countermoves.’
    • ‘Every move is tentative to the extreme, offset by a countermove.’
    • ‘I am certain that, over the board, I have a real-time weakness in assessing what is the best countermove by the opponent in a quiet position.’
    • ‘In fact, the cops are on to him, there are moves and countermoves, and in the end it all unfolds in a way you don't expect.’
    • ‘Jockey E. J. Perrodin likens a turf race to a chess match, with moves and countermoves being executed by riders in the race to the wire.’
    • ‘There are countermoves the Kantian may make at this point.’
    • ‘There would be moves and countermoves, with a strategy to attempt to maneuver the natives into a desired position.’
    • ‘The job of any general is to not only plan for an opponent's expected countermoves but also the unexpected countermoves.’
    • ‘However, rather than ending in a static compromise between selection levels, conflicts can lead to an innovative evolutionary game of moves and countermoves.’
    • ‘It's a dizzying analysis of each side's potential moves and countermoves, their possible motivations, and what they probably should have done instead.’
    • ‘Abraham can help himself as a pass rusher by incorporating countermoves into his repertoire.’
    • ‘He had mastered the nuances of managing, planning ahead, anticipating an opponent's moves and countermoves.’
    • ‘The coaches aren't satisfied that Reynolds has effective countermoves or can properly diagnose plays to be a regular player.’
    • ‘They're supposed to balance every trade with an equal and almost opposite play that ensures that, if anything goes wrong with their main move, the countermoves will kick in and save their funds.’