Definition of countermelody in English:



  • A subordinate melody accompanying a principal one.

    • ‘Ruth sits down at the piano for ‘Every Summer,’ which is about as straightforward as pop music gets: singer and accompaniment, with some soft-toned synth countermelodies and xylophone to spruce up the edges.’
    • ‘Melodies and countermelodies courtesy of several sprightly instruments cross over each other on ‘Hemipode,’ which also features cooing vocals that only enhance its courteous gait.’
    • ‘Fragile, lonely melodies and countermelodies reminiscent of his ambient works build into a chorus and actually take it somewhere.’
    • ‘Every song is packed to the gills with sounds and melodies and countermelodies and detours and left-turn movements.’
    • ‘The vibes veer off into a countermelody and the bass enters shortly thereafter.’
    • ‘Wasting no more time, I began a chant and my staff began to emit a louder countermelody, snapping the rest of the party back to reality.’
    • ‘Instead, the horn rolls freely, producing a favorable countermelody to the lead line introduced by the piano.’
    • ‘The repeated four-note gesture, supported by a countermelody derived from the main title and played by a flute, is like an echo of something dreamed.’
    • ‘Still, an alien countermelody soon appears and challenges all other elements for dominance.’
    • ‘Guitarist Charlie Davis III is fond of playing snaking countermelodies and aggressive leads with his guitar covered in trebly distortion.’
    • ‘The loops are very simple: lush melodies backed by atmospheric arpeggio countermelodies.’
    • ‘The swelling cello and violin countermelodies trade off nicely with Hindle's vocal, culminating in one of the record's high points when Hindle is joined by vocalist Paula Frazer on the song's jaw-dropping bridge.’
    • ‘Thiboldeaux's liberal application of Mellotron and Rhodes piano contributes greatly to this dynamic, and he often backs his theatrical, swerving vocal melodies with simple keyboard countermelodies.’
    • ‘The airy sound of a panpipe cut through the dulled murmur that the crowd generated, providing a fluctuating countermelody to the sound of a stringed instrument.’
    • ‘The detail of this album is utterly stunning, as melodies rise against countermelodies and instruments blend in fascinating and unpredictable ways.’
    • ‘At first, the cor anglais and clarinet enter with long, held notes, almost blending with the organ, but by the song's end, the whole quintet has joined, offering up countermelodies and some needed timbrel variety.’
    • ‘The song's countermelody also supports the Chandra comparison, as it's remarkably close to the melody of Monsoon's ‘Ever So Lonely.’’
    • ‘Zannad packs a lot of melodies and countermelodies into 18 tracks on this disc, but virtually none of them are delivered with any particular sense of urgency.’
    • ‘Instead of returning to the original melody, Priester and Harper play a countermelody against the vamp.’
    • ‘The lyrics for the countermelody for ‘Pack Up Your Sins’ are terrific, but we never get to hear them.’