Definition of countermarch in English:



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  • March in the opposite direction or back along the same route.

    ‘the band was practising, marching and countermarching on the playing field’
    • ‘For three years armies marched and countermarched between horrific battles, which slaughtered thousands but allowed neither side to prevail.’
    • ‘The armies of the French and English marched and countermarched along the trails through the hills.’
    • ‘The 7th West Virginia swiftly countermarched to the Valley and again found themselves pursuing the wily Confederate commander.’
    • ‘The armies marching and countermarching throughout this township during the 18th and early 19th centuries discouraged early settlers.’
    • ‘Realizing the road ahead was blocked, they countermarched in order to find a way around.’


  • An act or instance of marching in the opposite direction.

    • ‘He maintained that ‘in all marches and countermarches of the human race, France of right leads the van.’’
    • ‘Following the political formula that every protest should inspire a countermarch, there has been a request for permission to stomp through Aberdeen the same day from a nationalist group.’