• Responding to something of the same kind, especially in opposition.

    ‘after years of argument and counter argument there is no conclusive answer’
    See also counter-
    • ‘Once you know why it's a no-go, you can launch a thought-out counter argument explaining why you can handle a dog.’
    • ‘There is room for counter argument here, to be sure.’
    • ‘But the compelling counter argument is that, although apparently arcane, it does reflect the reality at that given point in time.’
    • ‘There are counter arguments that can be made on the side of the traditional 2-way clustered architectures.’
    • ‘[JIM LOBE:] I think when they're in opposition they create a counter government in hopes of becoming the next government.’
    • ‘But, goes the counter argument, with so much porn available online now, mobility isn't such a critical advantage anymore.’
    • ‘Within this context, an alliance may also face limits due to the leverage of a counter alliance or an opposing state.’
    • ‘This result is, of course, counter intuitive. But there are a bunch of others as well.’
    • ‘The counter arguments you've made in response to his wish you withdraw the ads are good ones, both legally and ethically.’
    • ‘If people disagree with them, they should attack with counter arguments, not with suppression.’
    • ‘However, one of his counter arguments states that trucks are often loaded at sites where there are no devices to measure the load.’
    • ‘One option may be to launch a counter bid for Toll.’
    • ‘There are, however, juicy counter arguments to the highest value use theory, the most obvious being that we can't all grow grapes.’
    • ‘They have not given us any counter argument to support their concerns.’
    • ‘The counter argument, from the disobeyer's point of view, is that the social contract is a fiction as there is no historical evidence of any such agreement ever being entered into.’
    • ‘Such views are clearly deeply held, but we feel that there are strong counter arguments.’
    • ‘At the same time, there are counter forces and arguments favoring decentralization of power.’
    • ‘‘Bravenet’ seems to have come back to life so I have restored the hit counter here.’
    • ‘This raises considerable problems for counter insurgent strategy.’
    • ‘There are counter arguments, of course, but I don't think one can justify dismissing the comparisons with other countries as easily as he does.’
    • ‘We were flying a range of different missions - defensive counter air, close air support, battlefield interdiction and strike.’
    • ‘The next counter argument is linked to deep paranoia about the authorities' competence and good intentions.’
    • ‘A counter argument for this would be ‘Well, if they can do it to someone else, surely we can do it to them.’’
    • ‘All of this counter argument is simply ignored here.’
    • ‘There is unquestionably some truth in that counter argument, which isn't voiced only by hawkers of Hollywood movies and TV shows.’
    opposing, opposed, opposite, contrary, adverse, conflicting, contradictory, contrasting, obverse, different, differing
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