Definition of counter in English:



[with object]
  • 1Speak or act in opposition to.

    ‘the second argument is more difficult to counter’
    • ‘He made the remarks in a bid to counter the opposition's doubts that the use of the money has not been transparent, the report said.’
    • ‘It will be difficult to counter their political and economic hegemony!’
    • ‘Any inputs by the pilot at launch create a dampening effect in the opposite direction to counter the excess pitch-rate change.’
    • ‘It is indeed difficult to counter such cornering arguments.’
    • ‘So perverse, in fact, that it could only be regarded as a deliberate attempt to counter the opposite position.’
    • ‘A losing side sometimes falls into a trap where they tend to counter the opposition instead of dictating the game.’
    • ‘European and Arab opposition may be countered by possible strong support from Russia.’
    • ‘While countering these incentives is difficult, the authors note that public education and other initiatives have helped to dramatically reduce the incidence of smoking in recent decades.’
    • ‘The idea is to keep the Prime Minister updated so that he is in a position to counter all possible queries from the opposition benches, informed sources said.’
    • ‘She has been designing and planning Naik's campaign material, ensuring that he is up-to-date on facts and figures to counter the opposition.’
    • ‘What was interesting about that phenomenon was how incredibly difficult it was to counter the prevailing wisdom of the times.’
    • ‘And we in the opposition must counter their vision and offer competing images of the future of the country.’
    • ‘The primary objective going into a replay is to have learned enough to counter the opposition's strengths and take advantage of their weaknesses.’
    • ‘The party's caucus had held the closed-door meeting to discuss ways to counter the opposition lawmakers' plans.’
    • ‘They speak about self-reliance and countering the invasion of a global economy by humble movement like the one involving the manufacture of toilet soap.’
    • ‘The opposition rally sought to counter that impression, and organisers said they expected about 150,000 people to turn out.’
    • ‘Perry answers that ideology must be countered with opposing ideology.’
    • ‘‘We know it's not just about integration or sitting in the same classrooms with whites,’ Sellers counters.’
    • ‘Nothing can help hatred unless it is countered by the opposite.’
    • ‘This means countering denialism as well.’
    • ‘In order to counter any possible opposition, the government is attacking democratic rights and preparing a new police state.’
    • ‘The possibility of a five-fold increase in the projected cost came after big business insisted it move to counter public opposition.’
    parry, hit back at, answer, respond to, retort to, contradict, negate
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    1. 1.1no object Respond to hostile speech or action.
      ‘the possibility of the enemy being able to counter with similar missiles was remote’
      • ‘That day, however, he didn't counter with some snappy nickname of his own.’
      • ‘Those of us who have fought for Inuit rights would counter with this: Can you eat your degrees when you are starving?’
      • ‘Sly smirk returning, she countered readily, ‘It would be a pleasure, Serpent.’’
      • ‘There was nothing you could say that she couldn't counter with a logical thought or a perfect comeback.’
      • ‘They're very hard to counter with just high technology alone.’
      • ‘Some may argue that flow and power don't go together, but I'd counter with that being a fallacy of the modern Big Move surf culture.’
      • ‘I felt I had nothing to counter with - that is, until I had the 118 experience.’
      • ‘He steadied his swaying body and tried to counter with a lunge at Caleb.’
      • ‘This was the only airspeed that provided a predictable and constant level of yaw that I could counter with full rudder.’
      • ‘I counter with my stories of the hunting prowess of spiders and ants.’
      • ‘Supporters counter with the charge that tuition from transit users already partially funds parking services on campus.’
      • ‘Instead of giving you the three-day workweek you asked for, your boss might counter with a four-day week.’
      • ‘Then the other party would counter with an initiative of its own, no less complex and no more electorally penetrative.’
      • ‘The ex-managers counter with allegations of financial irregularities pointing out that he still lives in his old apartment with four other people.’
      • ‘The protesters counter with dinosaurs singing songs and a hoe-down.’
      • ‘One must be able to withstand both the physical and mental attacks directed towards them, and be able to counter with their own attacks.’
      • ‘Maybe not, but then they might reasonably counter with the question: is the Parthenon strictly necessary?’
      • ‘Instead of competing with these fantasies, I counter with culinary theatrics from my surreal bag of tricks.’
      • ‘All he could do was quickly materialize his own sword to counter with.’
      • ‘If it were just on private television, then I'd say, great, the best way to fight abuse of the freedom of speech, is to counter with better speech.’
      • ‘To keep my idea alive, I need to counter with fixed targets of high value, so here's one, and here's another.’
      parry, hit back at, answer, respond to, retort to, contradict, negate
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    2. 1.2Boxing no object Give a return blow while parrying.
      ‘he countered with a left hook’
      • ‘You had one fighter aggressive and moving forward and the other fighter countering effectively but not throwing as many punches.’
      • ‘Sometimes I might need to throw to make my opponent commit and counter off his punch.’
      • ‘I blocked that, and countered with a blow to the ribs.’
      • ‘Con stayed on the defensive, blocking and parrying, and occasionally countering when he thought there was an opening.’
      • ‘She diverted the move and countered with an uppercut that he avoided by tucking his chin in.’
      • ‘Javion reflected the blow effortlessly, and countered with a swift left hand punch.’
      • ‘He blocked it and countered, but that blow was also obstructed.’
      • ‘He moved with impressive grace and skill, angling away from Hernandez's on rushes and countering effectively with uppercuts, straight right hands, and left hooks.’
      • ‘Booker hit a dropkick, and Flair countered with a low blow.’


  • go (or hunt or run) counter

    • Run or ride against the direction taken by a quarry.


Late Middle English: from Old French contre, from Latin contra ‘against’, or directly from counter-.