Definition of counter-accusation in English:



  • An accusation made in turn by someone against their accuser.

    ‘the entire saga was made up of accusation and counter-accusation’
    • ‘One can well imagine his bewilderment as he tried to sift through accusation and counter-accusation.’
    • ‘Accusations and counter-accusations have been flung between leaders of the two parties, but both organizations blame their defeat on the apathy of the voters.’
    • ‘In the following days, the assembly was dominated by accusations and counter-accusations that disrupted deliberations on an emergency budget package.’
    • ‘There have been insinuations, accusations, denials and counter-accusations.’
    • ‘The government should now end the confidence-sapping drip-drip of accusation and counter-accusation.’
    • ‘When confronted with the police report, he rebutted with a counter-accusation that surprised the two officials supervising the interview.’
    • ‘On the face of it, the dispute concerns a series of accusations and counter-accusations about corrupt and criminal activity.’
    • ‘Accusations and counter-accusations fly as the ground rules change and the topics blur into a kaleidoscope of issues.’
    • ‘He made a counter-accusation against the informant for betraying military information.’
    • ‘You will come across an email from a co-worker and then you will waste both time and energy composing your reply, replete with subtle counter-accusations.’
    • ‘Accusations and counter-accusations of all sorts were flying around in the heat of the debate.’
    • ‘Desperate attempts to avert the fire strike continued until the very last minute - before breaking down in a welter of bitter accusations and counter-accusations.’
    accusation, accusations, mutual accusation, mutual accusations, counter-accusations, countercharge, countercharges, counterattack, counterattacks, retaliation, retaliations
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