Definition of count someone in in English:

count someone in

phrasal verb

  • Include someone in an activity or the plans for it.

    ‘if the project gets started, count me in’
    • ‘I had a chat to coach Darren Abram on the way home and on Wednesday told him to count me in.’
    • ‘Well, if it includes wearing a creepy mask and robbing a bank, count me in.’
    • ‘And it has done Scotland the honour of counting us in, at least as an associate, in one of a burgeoning number of economic, political and cultural links across the North Sea.’
    • ‘If we can get them for that price or less, then count us in.’
    • ‘But more than that, it seemed to be the soundtrack for a life that was much more fun than mine, being enjoyed by people much less smart than myself who would never really count me in.’
    • ‘If anyone is taking up a collection to buy him some new records, count me in for a quid.’
    • ‘I said count me in, not realising he would take me seriously, but he did.’
    • ‘I know I can sing, so you can definitely count me in for the next series.’
    • ‘He said and turned towards Evan, ‘Good then, count us in.’’
    • ‘No, I didn't include you in my story - but I will count you in (in future) now I know you're there.’
    • ‘‘If you're planning on getting rid of this guy, count me in,’ said Sutton.’
    • ‘So I wouldn't be counting them in on the reunion tour anytime soon.’
    • ‘If Democratic politicians want to run on restoring moral values in government they can count me in.’
    • ‘Well, if this is what it takes to get him to stop writing, count me in as one of his most febrile supporters.’
    • ‘So count us in for next year's challenge and let's see if we can make our, slightly unofficial, record official.’
    • ‘If this is the future of product development, count me in.’
    • ‘Well she said she still needed three more guys and I said to count me in and that I knew my friend Chris would love to participate, so she added him to her list.’
    • ‘To make sure you are counted in, please send your contact details including telephone and e-mail to Voluntary Arts Ireland.’
    • ‘Had a feeling we could count her in on this little celebration.’
    • ‘If there's a job where you can get £100,000 without having to account for it, please count me in.’
    include, involve, bring in, take in, admit, introduce, add, enter, incorporate
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