Definition of count on/upon in English:

count on/upon

phrasal verb

  • Rely on.

    ‘whatever you're doing, you can count on me’
    • ‘It's a technique that counts on journalistic laziness, Kaplan says.’
    • ‘Everybody counts on the director to make sure the intention of the movie stays intact.’
    • ‘Logan admits he sometimes counts on me to entertain him when he fires up his computer at the office early in the morning.’
    • ‘The United States in particular counts on Nigeria as one of its main sources of the light, low-sulphur crude that is most suitable for refining into petrol.’
    • ‘Nathan still counts on his parent's involvement in his sport.’
    • ‘Firefighters there are counting on a break in the hot weather and a shift in the wind to give them an upper hand.’
    • ‘Oak were counting upon the match going to the decider.’
    • ‘So I'm only getting about a little over a month's worth of the back pay I was counting on.’
    • ‘The producer is probably counting on the presence of the number of top singers in the album to get it moving from the music shops.’
    • ‘The family of five counts on Auntie Lau to help out.’
    • ‘I fear though that this isn't just a loss for the Post but also a loss for me and everyone else who counts on good political reporting.’
    • ‘The province of Toledo counts on a variety of options and different spots that tourists can explore and meet according to their preferences and wishes.’
    • ‘Seniors today are really counting on Social Security to take care of them in the time they need it.’
    • ‘No member of Congress counts on Social Security for his or her own retirement.’
    • ‘Turkey counts on tourism, its second-largest source of foreign currency earnings, to add US $10 billion a year to its economy.’
    • ‘Like a four-year-old beating a big grown-up with his puny fists, they are actually counting on us not to retaliate.’
    • ‘Every year, the National Guard counts on recruiting up to 10,000 soldiers after they leave the active duty force.’
    • ‘So anybody who thinks and counts on this recession ending any time soon, I think, is wrong.’
    • ‘They basically laid out a strategy which counts on currency manipulation to accumulate lots of hard currency.’
    • ‘So, each competing band will be counting on the support of all their local fans in the Ambassador on final night!’
    rely on, depend on, place reliance on, lean on, bank on, trust, be sure of, trust in, place one's trust in, have confidence in, have every confidence in, believe in, put one's faith in, pin one's faith on, swear by, take for granted, take on trust, take as read
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