Definition of Counsellor of State in English:

Counsellor of State


  • (in the UK) a temporary regent during a sovereign's absence.

    • ‘Shortly after her eighteenth birthday in 1944, Princess Elizabeth was appointed a Counsellor of State during the King's absence on a tour of the Italian battlefields and for the first time, carried out some of the duties of Head of State.’
    • ‘Fourcroy became a friend of Napoleon; Napoleon even appointed him a Counsellor of State and a Count of the Empire.’
    • ‘Any two Counsellors of State may attend Privy Council meetings and they may sign routine documents; they cannot, for example, dissolve Parliament - except on The Queen's express instructions.’
    • ‘On special occasions, the Counsellors of State act on behalf of the Sovereign.’
    • ‘Under the Regency Acts 1937-53 Queen Elizabeth is entitled to appoint up to six Counsellors of State, who, apart from her husband Prince Philip, are the next in line of succession provided they have reached the age of 21.’