Definition of couch-surfer in English:



  • See couch-surf

    • ‘On average, 172 people stay in emergency shelters on any given night in the region. Others—the couch-surfers—crash with friends or relatives.’
    • ‘Eight roommates and assorted couch-surfers often tipped the sleepover population well into double digits.’
    • ‘He had joined a nomadic subculture of young professionals who appear to live normal, prosperous lives but in fact are couch-surfers who rely on the kindness of friends.’
    • ‘What I didn't realise was that we would be entering an emerging group of full-time couch-surfers; people who have found a more communal, environmentally friendly, even utopian, way of living.’
    • ‘Twitter has also proved useful for couch-surfers, who have come to know interesting and accommodating people in different fields of expertise’