Definition of couch-surf in English:



[no object]informal
  • 1Stay temporarily in a series of other people's homes, typically making use of improvised sleeping arrangements.

    ‘many people were left homeless last year and have been couch-surfing ever since with parents or friends’
    • ‘He would have had no place to bring Kate, since he was frequently unemployed and couch-surfing with friends and relatives.’
    • ‘She's now couch-surfing, staying with friends and trying to recover some of the money her landlords owe her.’
    • ‘Teenage refugees released into the community could spend this Christmas either homeless or "couch-surfing" because of serious gaps in arrangements for their care.’
    • ‘Many homeless couch-surf, living with friends and relatives, but not staying long in any home.’
    • ‘Conor and I have just booked our flights and we're couch-surfing.’
    • ‘Last year Wittrock indeed got a shock himself when a fire in his apartment sent him couch-surfing for nine months.’
    • ‘Brett, who is between homes because his landlord just jacked his rent up unspeakably high, is showering these days in the office and couch-surfing with friends or sleeping in the back of his pickup.’
    • ‘Henry failed to get a steady job or apartment and ended up "couch-surfing" at friends' homes.’
    • ‘These stories coming from the poor of Vancouver - families couch-surfing or sleeping in cars, young adults denied welfare because they cannot prove two years of independence - are scenes out of a drama which only a modern Dickens could do justice to.’
    • ‘Newman then adds that he's been couch-surfing his way across the continent, crashing with like-minded lefties and community organizers along the way.’
  • 2Engage in sedentary activities such as watching television or browsing the Internet.

    ‘the bottom of this laptop does not get hot at all so you can put it in your lap and couch-surf easily’
    • ‘For the fourth year in a row, El Pasoans ate and couch-surfed their way on to the Men's Fitness list of the country's 25 fattest cities.’
    • ‘We seem to be deluded that we're farmhands who needed to fuel up to bring in the harvest by hand, but instead we go home and couch-surf in front of the idiot box!’
    • ‘Van Pelt enjoyed the first month away from golf. He didn't do much more than 'couch-surf'.’
    • ‘We’re in some strange house with no way out and all you can do is couch-surf!’
    • ‘I couch-surf until 9:30 a.m. and then I say "OK. That's it. I have to get up. Have to get on the road. I'm missing the Oregon coast."’