Definition of cottonwood in English:



  • 1A North American poplar with seeds covered in white cottony hairs.

    Genus Populus, family Salicaceae: several species, including P. deltoides

    • ‘On his farm, he uses as mix of hybrid poplars and cottonwoods as windbreaks to reduce erosion and improve water quality.’
    • ‘Select light and airy woods like white cedar, white pine, cottonwood, poplar, spruce or larch (tamarack).’
    • ‘We were having afternoon tea in the garden when the cottonwood seeds cascaded about resembling a summertime snow.’
    • ‘Both members of the pair excavate a hole in a decayed tree, typically a cottonwood or Ponderosa pine.’
    • ‘Trees such as cottonwoods or hybrid poplars could be used to clean up hazardous waste sites.’
    • ‘Today's excess of elk and buffalo have destroyed woody species such as willow, aspen, cottonwood, alder and serviceberry along the streams and rivers.’
    • ‘Aspens and cottonwoods turn from green to gold, meadows are dotted with milkweed pods spilling their silvery strands, and a peaceful splendor invites you to relax.’
    • ‘Other highlights include documenting great white pines, American sycamores, tulip trees, eastern cottonwoods, eastern hemlock, and other species.’
    • ‘Nestled among shimmering aspens and cottonwoods on 3 secluded, wildflower-dappled acres, this hand-hewn log home serves up a feast for the eyes.’
    • ‘Those of us who have spent our lives along broad yet shallow prairie rivers never cease to marvel at the prodigious output of cottonwood seeds scattered by the winds every spring.’
    • ‘The result: flooding took place, and cottonwood seeds that landed on the wet soil after the water receded produced about 10,000 seedlings.’
    • ‘The golden aspen, sometimes referred to as the quaking or trembling aspen, along with cottonwoods are responsible for the region's lemony landscapes.’
    • ‘Surrounded by cottonwoods and aspens and featuring a wooden footbridge and an abundance of regional flora and foliage, it's a place to meditate, contemplate, and relax.’
    • ‘Notably, poplars and other cottonwood trees need moist soil and prefer riparian zones near streams and lakes.’
    • ‘Nests are usually built in deciduous trees, such as aspen, alder, cottonwood, or willow, but they may also be in firs or other conifers.’
    • ‘It has oak trees that are hundreds of years old, towering cottonwoods and sycamores and secluded areas where acres of trunk-to-trunk pecan trees haven't yet grown waist-high.’
    • ‘The willows, white oaks, cottonwoods, and pecans that grow here are normally much taller than the oaks of the Cross Timbers forest.’
    • ‘Elks browsed unimpeded on streamside vegetation including cottonwoods and aspens, eating young trees before they could become established, and setting the whole ecosystem in decline.’
    • ‘The genus Populus (poplars, cottonwoods and aspens) contains approx. 30 species of woody plant, all found in the Northern hemisphere and exhibiting some of the fastest growth rates observed in temperate trees.’
    • ‘We'd go for long walks on the trails, long walks amid the discarded cottonwood and aspen leaves, and laugh at the rustling sounds they made.’
  • 2Any of a number of downy-leaved Australasian shrubs.

    a shrub of the daisy family (Bedfordia salicina, family Compositae).

    an evergreen shrub of the buckthorn family (Pomaderris phylicifolia, family Rhamnaceae).