Definition of cottonweed in English:



mass noun
  • A yellow-flowered aromatic plant of the daisy family, with silvery felted leaves and stems. It grows on sandy beaches, chiefly in southern and western Europe.

    Otanthus maritimus, family Compositae

    • ‘The seven herbs vary from region to region and also from era to era, but today they commonly consist of the leaves of dropwort, shepherd's purse, cottonweed, chickweed, henbit, turnip, and radish.’
    • ‘Six further species are in danger of extinction, i.e. marsh saxifrage, serrated wintergreen, meadow saffron, cottonweed, rough poppy and meadow saxifrage.’
    • ‘A few, such as summer cottonweed, grow so quickly and are so coarse [often with rather small flowers as well] that they are considered ‘weeds’ and are generally rejected by gardeners.’
    • ‘I have horrible allergies when the cottonweed pollen is out.’
    • ‘We heard only the swirling water and the cold wind whistling through the tall cottonweeds.’