Definition of cotton lavender in English:

cotton lavender


  • A small aromatic shrubby plant of the daisy family, with silvery or greenish foliage and yellow button flowers. Native to the Mediterranean area, it has insecticidal properties.

    Genus Santolina, family Compositae: several species, in particular S. chamaecyparissus

    Also called lavender cotton
    • ‘Cotton lavender makes a lovely hummocky hedge of silvery foliage, studded with button-like yellow flowers from mid - to late summer.’
    • ‘The helleborus corsicus - often seen in English herbaceous borders - grows in abundance here, as well as many wild flowers - lavenders, cotton lavenders, poppies, daisies - and herbs, more delicate than their robust cousins from the lower slopes.’
    • ‘For a different effect you could try Santolina (cotton lavender) which is silvery grey and makes a more rounded and relaxed hedge, but grows no taller then two feet.’
    • ‘A mixture of cotton lavender and other herbs makes a useful moth repellent.’
    • ‘Lavender, cistus and cotton lavender will make a wonderful sweep of greyish or silver foliage with the bonus of the flowers in mid-summer.’