Definition of cottage garden in English:

cottage garden


  • An informal garden stocked typically with colourful flowering plants.

    • ‘There is nothing like the scents of a traditional cottage garden: flowers, herbs and shrubs combining in an intoxicating medley.’
    • ‘Balloon flowers are a cottage garden standard, and they are excellent for cutting.’
    • ‘Everything fits so well in the cottage garden - it looks like the flowers have been growing there all summer.’
    • ‘This includes a cottage garden, shrub border, fruit garden, woodland and rose garden.’
    • ‘Do you want a super formal look, or more of an informal cottage garden look?’
    • ‘The contrasting formality of a low trimmed box or azalea hedge, set against an informal cottage garden or wide beds of rambling old world roses, enhances the appeal of both the formal and informal elements of the garden.’
    • ‘The humble cottage garden hardly counted as a garden at all.’
    • ‘Visitors will be able to enjoy a cream tea in a cottage garden, browse around the stalls and wander around St Michael's Church to see floral decorations and enjoy the view from the church tower.’
    • ‘Started in 2003, the garden is a small cottage garden set in about a quarter acre site.’
    • ‘These more traditional fountains look like something you'd find in a British cottage garden or on the grounds of an Italian villa, and yet many times you can find them in small wall-mounted models suitable for a patio or terrace.’
    • ‘Spend a spring afternoon in an English cottage garden on Sunday.’
    • ‘The cottage garden, full of flowers, is just inside a white picket fence.’
    • ‘We had been asked to put the charm back into a cottage garden.’
    • ‘My mother was the first to urge me to sow these stately beauties, promising me an English cottage garden look.’
    • ‘The style of the gate should match the house: a wicket gate would look out of place in a smart city setting, whereas antique wrought iron might lead to expectations that a cottage garden fails to meet.’
    • ‘Simply stated, the rules to creating a cottage garden are, as you know by now, as unconventional and carefully planned as any delightful garden might be.’
    • ‘The sea can be glimpsed through mature trees, and the planting is colourful and marries low maintenance shrubs with cottage garden flowers.’
    • ‘A cottage garden has several layers of planting, yet it's the picket fence, the arch above the gate or the bench beneath the arbor that makes us want to stay.’
    • ‘A small space can be perfect for a riotous cottage garden, a neatly structured knot garden or formal Japanese rock garden.’
    • ‘She said the previous owners had created a cottage garden but now some trees were lost, a number of plants were damaged and there is dirt and mud everywhere.’