Definition of costume jewellery in English:

costume jewellery


mass noun
  • Jewellery made with inexpensive materials or imitation gems.

    • ‘As part of her start-up marketing strategy, Walsh identified a gap in the local market for affordable costume jewellery.’
    • ‘On the way through the rest of the stalls Graham caught me fingering through a display of glittery costume jewellery.’
    • ‘Jewellery is also important to Faith and while she has much loved good pieces she enjoys the fun of costume jewellery and making an affordable piece enhance an outfit.’
    • ‘Like the casual shoes and the costume jewellery this season, formal footwear are also adorned with chunky beads and sequins, certain to make those hot summer formals sparkle and sizzle.’
    • ‘She was noted for her outsize hats, costume jewellery and heavy make-up.’
    • ‘Then there are the smaller stalls selling everything from bindis to hairpins and costume jewellery of the type more often seen in Bollywood movies.’
    • ‘The value of costume jewellery lies in the design.’
    • ‘‘I got into costume jewellery by accident,’ he recalled.’
    • ‘I would describe the earrings as costume jewellery, but the rings are gold and some are quite distinctive.’
    • ‘The pair stole treasured costume jewellery belonging to the home's 18 occupants before loading the office safe onto a wheelchair.’
    • ‘They'll be wearing the most revealing dresses, the tackiest costume jewellery and the most crippling stilettos - which they will immediately take off and lose.’
    • ‘It's here you'll discover the secret of all those elegant women walking their poodles in the park: costume jewellery.’
    • ‘Lisa got some construction paper because she likes crafts and Dana got some tacky costume jewellery because she likes to dress up and look pretty.’
    • ‘In 2004 costume jewellery will go wild, picking up on pearl and diamanté and coloured stone large brooch trends from the 50s and 80s.’
    • ‘Due diligence had also revealed the design ‘crown jewels’ of British engineering to be mere costume jewellery.’
    • ‘The mark-up on cosmetics and perfumes is 50 per cent, while toiletries such as hair care products, baby needs, costume jewellery, sunglasses, lotions and cameras have a mark-up of about 33 per cent.’
    • ‘She loved dressing up and wearing her costume jewellery.’
    • ‘A necklace of these beads was the product of great expertise and skill, as well as being a beautiful piece of costume jewellery.’
    • ‘Silver is still desirable, but other metallics and copper tones in costume jewellery are making inroads.’
    • ‘Pick up costume jewellery, scarves, petticoats, shoes, hats and other gear for a song in your local charity shop.’


costume jewellery