Definition of costing in English:



often costings
  • 1The proposed or estimated cost of producing or undertaking something.

    ‘he obtained costings for manual keyboarding of the records’
    • ‘The option is only one of the possible scenarios likely to be outlined, with full costings, by the consultants.’
    • ‘‘Speed could be worth a lot more to a client and we can give guaranteed costings,’ said one construction source.’
    • ‘Being an engineer by profession, he then informed me that I should go to my bedroom and write a detailed costing for materials to construct a child's bike.’
    • ‘Why was the original costing so extraordinarily high and what process meant it came down to relatively such an extraordinarily low figure?’
    • ‘Many people I know are waiting until they see the detailed costing for the proposals before they judge whether one or the other is believable.’
    • ‘Brochures and costings are to be obtained with the possibility of new equipment being provided on the play area.’
    • ‘On each occasion his attempts were frustrated by questions raised on costings for the project.’
    • ‘The lobby must also convince opponents of the scheme that costings will not run out of control.’
    • ‘A considerable sum of money has been identified to fund the work but final costings have yet to be confirmed.’
    • ‘We will then be able to present some options with costings.’
    • ‘While there may be support for the building of a world class facility, the public is entitled to full disclosure on the costings.’
    • ‘Details and costings are to be obtained with a view to placing equipment on the area adjacent to the village hall.’
    • ‘I attach an analysis of the likely costings of running your back office with our software.’
    • ‘The costings are, almost certainly, on the conservative side.’
    • ‘The availability of more detailed costings of services will be essential in separating issues of entitlement and ability to pay.’
    • ‘He said his company was still looking at the costings involved to see if it is affordable and these were expected to be complete in about six to eight weeks' time.’
    • ‘On Monday, at the council's environment and economic development committee meeting, he said he would like to see full costing of the event and a detailed plan.’
    • ‘That is according to a detailed costing of the project published in January of this year.’
    • ‘Original costings were based on 2001 figures, but have now been updated to take account of the 2003 revised estimates.’
    • ‘‘We have presented all our costings to the regulator and he will make a determination thereafter,’ the spokesman said.’
    1. 1.1mass noun The process of calculating a costing.
      ‘detailed costing can make the difference between an excellent idea and a ruinous one’
      • ‘But for all his interest in processes and production, costing, budget control and management accounting, he cites his biggest business focus as brand building.’
      • ‘Gross or top down costing allocates a total budget to specific services such as hospital stays or doctors' visits according to rules.’
      • ‘Even product and process costing fall outside the domain of cost accounting.’
      • ‘Energy modeling and lifecycle costing can give facility executives a solid idea of the costs and benefits associated with their choices before a facility is built.’
      • ‘Target costing is a process of determining a maximum allowable cost for a product by subtracting a desired profit from the product's market price.’
      • ‘We take firms through a process called activity-based costing.’