Definition of cost someone dear (or dearly) in English:

cost someone dear (or dearly)


  • Involve someone in a serious loss or a heavy penalty.

    ‘they were really bad mistakes on my part and they cost us dear’
    • ‘It's a tough movie to watch at times and whatever redemption its characters find costs them dearly.’
    • ‘His two losses in a row in the fifth and sixth rounds cost him dearly.’
    • ‘For 88 minutes of games we are working well but then it's a lack of concentration all over the pitch and those mistakes are costing us dear.’
    • ‘Impulse buys and rash decisions might end up costing you dear.’
    • ‘On paper they are a formidable outfit but poor decision making and a concession of penalties are costing them dearly.’
    • ‘The poor set-pieces nearly cost them dear on the half-hour mark.’
    • ‘Mr Bloomer's failure to do so may end up costing him dear.’
    • ‘Factory farming costs us, and the animals involved, dearly.’
    • ‘These extended redemption penalties can cost you dearly in the long run.’