Definition of cosmic dust in English:

cosmic dust


mass noun
  • Small particles of matter distributed throughout space.

    ‘glowing clouds of dense cosmic dust’
    • ‘There are many other potential sources of natural resources in the solar system, including cosmic dust, solar wind, and the atmospheres of gas giant planets.’
    • ‘Some astronomers worry that supernovas were intrinsically different in the past or that cosmic dust could make the supernovas appear dimmer than they really are.’
    • ‘What about the clouds of cosmic dust around destroyed stars?’
    • ‘Each square pulses with a unique rhythm and frontal pressure, as glittering bits of shell float through the tessellated space like cosmic dust, dissolving the flat plane into atmosphere.’
    • ‘We are told that the earth formed by accretion of cosmic dust billions of years ago.’
    • ‘Ask me sometime how they keep it from hazing with normal cosmic dust and micrometeorites.’
    • ‘Asteroids ocassionally collide with each other, raising cosmic dust.’
    • ‘Every shooting star is a tiny particle of interplanetary debris moving so fast that it burns up in the air and descends to Earth as harmless cosmic dust.’
    • ‘Though the galaxies were as bright as 10 trillion suns, their great distance and a cloak of cosmic dust had hidden them from all but Spitzer's finely tuned infrared apparatus.’
    • ‘The cosmic dust analyzer provides direct observations of small ice or dust particles in the Saturn system in order to investigate their physical, chemical and dynamical properties.’
    • ‘It is beyond question that whatever is built there will be standing on a platform of bodies, albeit in cosmic dust form.’
    • ‘About a billion years after the Big Bang, the expanding cosmic dust started to condense or clump into what would become galaxies, stars, and planets.’
    • ‘By examining different wavelenghts of light filtered through cosmic dust, astronomers can infer all kinds of things about far-away star systems.’
    • ‘The game takes place in yet another post-apocalyptic setting, where humans have been driven underground by this mysterious cosmic dust that has settled on everything.’
    • ‘Cassini also carries tools to study cosmic dust around Saturn, as well as the planet's auroras and its odd magnetic field.’
    • ‘Molecules lucky enough to inhabit uneventful or shielded neighborhoods may endure long enough to be incorporated into grains of cosmic dust, and ultimately into asteroids, comets, planets, and people.’
    • ‘The cosmic dust detector recorded two micrometeoroid showers in September and December.’
    • ‘Comets are often described as ‘dirty snowballs’ because they are primarily composed of frozen gas and cosmic dust.’
    • ‘However, using Ulysses, they have now shown that, when the Sun's magnetic axis points near its equator, it allows much more cosmic dust to enter the Solar System than normal.’


cosmic dust