Definition of coscoroba swan in English:

coscoroba swan


  • A small South American swan with white plumage and bright pink legs and feet.

    Coscoroba coscoroba, family Anatidae

    • ‘Of the 7 types of swans in the world, the coscoroba swan is the smallest.’
    • ‘Waterfowl included the black-necked swans, coscoroba swans and the amusing steamer ducks.’
    • ‘As a result, the coscoroba swan is listed.’
    • ‘Among these are the black-necked and coscoroba swans, the southern screamer, the caiman alligator, flamingos, pintail ducks, capivara, and many other intriguing species of vertebrates and invertebrates.’
    • ‘Later, we came across a pair of coscoroba swans that were at first mistaken as geese due to their smaller size, shorter necks and less graceful stature.’


Early 19th century: coscoroba from the modern Latin taxonomic name, of unknown origin.


coscoroba swan