Definition of corymbose in English:



  • See corymb

    • ‘In its definitely corymbose inflorescence it apparently differs from both of these.’
    • ‘The flowers are several, large, blue, erect, borne in a terminal, corymbose panicle, on long footstalks.’
    • ‘Flowers are small, from pale - pink to purple, at the top of the stalk gathered into large corymbose panicle clusters.’
    • ‘White Syndrome for corymbose and tabular Acropora, in particular, results in high mortality.’
    • ‘Verticordia brownii is an erect, corymbose shrub 30-60 cm tall and 15-30 cm wide with tiny greyish to yellowish-green fleshy leaves, crowded on many short branchlets.’