Definition of cortège in English:



  • 1A solemn procession, especially for a funeral.

    ‘a funeral cortège’
    ‘off we sped in the cortège of limousines that had been drawn up on the tarmac’
    • ‘A lone piper led the cortège and the school-children formed a guard of honour on the day of his burial.’
    • ‘He was a very popular young man who lived life to the full and was well liked by all who had the pleasure to know him, which was shown by the huge cortège at both the removal and burial.’
    • ‘At her funeral, there had been a plan for her beloved and grateful poor to form part of the cortège.’
    • ‘Many of the people who lined the streets to watch the cortège pass had been waiting all night.’
    • ‘The cortège was accompanied by a guard of honour made up of local ICA members.’
    • ‘The funeral cortège will then go onto Rochdale Cemetery where the fallen soldier will be buried with full military honours at 12.30 pm.’
    • ‘He commissioned a series of twelve stone crosses, known as the Eleanor crosses, to mark the stopping-places of her funeral cortège from Lincoln to Westminster abbey.’
    • ‘And, as a fitting tribute to the mechanic said to have a wonderful sense of humour, a pick-up truck belonging to his previous employer formed part of the cortège.’
    • ‘It was found in 1992 by a gravedigger, who'd been waiting for a funeral cortège to arrive when he noticed that one of the stones they were going to put the coffin on had some Egyptian-looking scratches in it.’
    • ‘It is the final irony of a celebrity life to be upstaged by a grander cortège.’
    • ‘A New Orleans-style jazz band headed the funeral cortège as mourners paid their respects to an Old Town institution.’
    • ‘The singer climbs, grim-faced, into the band's chauffeur-driven, black people carrier as though he's about to join a funeral cortège.’
    • ‘Adding Creole sauce to an omelette is like turning a funeral cortège into a carnival.’
    • ‘In pounding rain, a cortège of international savants bore his body up a muddy road for burial below Montmartre.’
    • ‘A million people lined the route of the funeral cortège while millions more watched on television.’
    • ‘His homeward journey begins with a cortège of coffin-bearing vehicles.’
    • ‘Her viscera were buried in Lincoln cathedral but the body was returned to Westminster, and at each of the twelve places where the funeral cortège rested Edward had a memorial cross erected.’
    • ‘The rhythms of the cortège creep back in, as does the nervous main theme of the first movement.’
    • ‘The funeral cortège was led by a lone piper and flanked by a guard of honour.’
    • ‘So full were the streets of Rome between Piazza Venezia and Piazza San Giovanni that the funeral cortège passed with difficulty through a crowd that was estimated variously at between one and two million people.’
    procession, parade, cavalcade, motorcade, carcade, convoy, caravan, train, column, file, line, trail, chain, rank, troop
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    1. 1.1 A person's entourage or retinue.
      ‘his entourage became an ever-present cortège wherever he went’
      • ‘She had visions of being followed by a cortège who would worship her as a goddess of luck.’
      entourage, retinue, train, suite, escort, court, company, attendant company
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Mid 17th century: from French, from Italian corteggio, from corteggiare ‘attend court’, from corte ‘court’, from Latin cohors, cohort- ‘retinue’.