Definition of corset in English:



  • 1A woman's tightly fitting undergarment extending from below the chest to the hips, worn to shape the figure.

    • ‘They wear boots and suspenders and corsets and, yes, hoop skirts.’
    • ‘Once we reached our teens many girls wore corsets or corselets under their uniforms to keep their figure in trim.’
    • ‘I was left only in my corset and my undergarments, shivering.’
    • ‘It would be a horrible pain to have to deal with the corset and many underskirts as well.’
    • ‘Along with the dress in the bag was a white mask, shoes that matched the dress perfectly and a large selection of underskirts and a new corset.’
    • ‘As I guessed, a red ballroom gown is soon pulled on me, the corset below making it almost impossible for me to breathe.’
    • ‘She removed eight petticoats, a corset and silk stockings; finally she stood in just her white linen shift and several pounds of jewelry.’
    • ‘The stuffier styles of a previous era that preferred corsets and petticoats were consigned to the dustbin.’
    • ‘She did not need a corset for a figure; she had her own natural beauty.’
    • ‘The corset had been laced quite tightly for the ball and it did not allow for the wearer to consume large amounts of food.’
    • ‘The undergarments included stockings, petticoats, drawers, and a corset.’
    • ‘After the corset came stockings, three petticoats, and a pure white overdress.’
    • ‘Fashion in clothes often influences body shape - witness the corset and the wasp waist.’
    • ‘From the drawer in the bottom of the wardrobe, she picked a shift, two petticoats, and a corset.’
    • ‘Thrusting drawer after drawer open, Adaela discovered stockings, slippers, jewelry, cosmetics, tunics, chemises, corsets, petticoats, and head coverings.’
    • ‘Across from these tiny slippers is a case that displays the evolution of the corsets and brassieres that have twisted and shaped the female figure to reflect the ever-changing ideal of what women should look like in Western culture.’
    • ‘A corset with suspenders, worn in 1910, is on display.’
    • ‘You just have to explain what kind of look you want, because corsets can change your shape in different ways.’
    • ‘Gone too are the maid's uniform, multi-layered gowns and tightly-laced corsets she wears in the film, replaced by trousers and a long jacket.’
    • ‘Then, they placed a white undershirt over her corset, over which they put a beautiful red dress made of crushed velvet.’
    girdle, panty girdle, foundation garment, foundation, support garment, corselette
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    1. 1.1 A tightly fitting undergarment worn by men or women to support a weak or injured back.
      • ‘He has reportedly taken to jogging in a corset to keep in shape.’
      • ‘She wore a reinforced corset so she could support her son and take part in the walk.’
    2. 1.2historical A tightly fitting laced or stiffened outer bodice.
      • ‘For the battle scenes Richard replaces his corset with black trousers and gloves and a red jacket summing up his role as devilish assassin.’
      • ‘I dreamt that I was at my own wedding, waiting at the door, in a claret corset and white skirt (so not my style).’
      • ‘Its skirt is a cascade of ostrich feathers, the bodice a beaded corset.’
      • ‘Tonight she was wearing a beautiful red and black skirt and a matching corset.’
      • ‘I bought a riding crop from a saddlemaker on the outskirts of town and dressed in pantaloons with a tightly drawn corset and laced up boots.’


Middle English: from Old French, diminutive of cors ‘body’, from Latin corpus. The sense ‘close-fitting undergarment’ dates from the late 18th century, by which time the sense ‘bodice’ had mainly historical reference.