Definition of corsac fox in English:

corsac fox


  • A russet-grey fox found on the steppes of central Asia.

    Vulpes corsac, family Canidae

    • ‘The Denver Zoo's Department of Conservation works to conserve corsac foxes and other carnivores through their Mongolia country program.’
    • ‘Pale corsac foxes hunt through the steppe for rodents such as susliks.’
    • ‘Among the most common and economically important species are the corsac fox, red fox, and Pallas’ cat.’
    • ‘The corsac fox is expected to be more social than most fox species as it has been seen hunting in small packs.’
    • ‘You will also study the lives globally endangered lesser kestrels, two species of hedgehogs, small carnivores, including unusual Pallas’ cats and corsac foxes, and their prey, from lizards to leaping jerboas.’
    • ‘It is quite a good idea to pay attention to low price fur products in the US market, such as Asiatic raccoon garments, corsac fox garments, or mountain cat products.’
    • ‘Here, long-eared hedgehog, northern three-toed jerboa, gray hamster, and corsac fox are among the more common mammal residents.’
    • ‘The following is a brief description of the biology of the corsac fox, Pallas’ cat, and red fox.’
    • ‘The corsac fox ranges in the semi-desert steppelands of central Asia in the countries of Afghanistan, Turkestan, Transbaikalia, northern Manchuria, Mongolia, and the southeastern area of Russia.’
    • ‘According to the website of the World Conservation Union, in addition to the nearly ubiquitous red fox, the widely distributed golden jackal, and the wolf, four canid species are found in south Asia: the dhole, the Bengal fox, the corsac fox, and the Tibetan fox.’
    • ‘I donate a percentage of my sales of paintings with Mongolian wildlife subject matter to him and also to a doctoral student, who is doing first time research on the small carnivores of Mongolia, including Pallas’ cat, badger, corsac fox and red fox.’
    • ‘The corsac fox is found throughout the southeast area of the former USSR and a large area of central Asia.’
    • ‘There are a variety of animals to photograph, from cheetah and corsac fox to marmosets and owls.’
    • ‘The gland is most developed in solitary species (Arctic, red, and corsac foxes) where it is represented by powerful glandular layer with large secretion containers-cisterns.’


Mid 19th century: corsac from Russian korsak, from Turkic karsak.


corsac fox