Definition of corrupt practice in English:

corrupt practice


  • A fraudulent activity, especially an attempt to rig an election.

    ‘the National Peace Keeping Assembly believed that it could eliminate vote-buying and other corrupt practices’
    • ‘I would just ask members to reflect on the fact that the reality is that if such bribery and corrupt practice occurred it would likely occur within the domain of decision-making Ministers or officials.’
    • ‘Transparency and openness are the two keys to eradicate corrupt practices in government offices.’
    • ‘He had to manipulate the account figures to cover up the corrupt practices and wastefulness of other officials.’
    • ‘Of course, to prevent abuse and corrupt practices, lobbying activities should be carefully regulated, monitored and made transparent.’
    • ‘The objective of the research was to elicit accounts of executives' experiences with the corrupt practices employed by their competitors or encouraged by foreign officials.’
    • ‘The corrupt practices of the corporations involved are also unpardonable because they have bled customers by increasing the prices of their products to make up for the slush funds.’
    • ‘The Committee plays an important role in identifying and highlighting corrupt practices and economic mismanagement.’
    • ‘It is for the bureaucracy to ensure that corrupt practices do not come in the way of proper utilisation of such a fine Budget.’
    • ‘When the government institutes policies that are flawed, they may be putting the entire economy in jeopardy since the damage caused can be more serious than the individual corrupt practices of officials.’
    • ‘That tarnishes its reputation as a country that does not stand for corrupt practices.’
    • ‘Widespread corrupt practices, meanwhile, have led merchants in other countries to shun plastic altogether.’
    • ‘That process will continue, as the service is determined to make sure there are no corrupt practices under way at any stage.’
    • ‘It is tasked with monitoring and deterring corrupt practices across the country.’
    • ‘These include laws affecting federal elections, corrupt practices and presidential succession.’
    • ‘One faction would likely be those opposed to the party's authoritarian and corrupt practices.’
    • ‘Media reports are awash with incidents that could be construed as constituting corrupt practices in public office.’
    • ‘So how about protecting the poor from all the corrupt practices of ministers in powerful positions first, Mr. President?’
    • ‘Grand corruption represents corrupt practices perpetrated by head of state, ministers, politicians, and senior officials for personal gain by abusing and misusing power.’
    • ‘‘In a related case, the so-called crime was publicizing the findings of official investigations into the corrupt practice of government ministers who, apparently, are protected from prosecution,’ he said.’
    • ‘Rampant voter intimidation and other corrupt practices will only be compounded by the inadequacy of the formal election procedures.’