Definition of corrugated in English:



  • (of a material or surface) shaped into a series of parallel ridges and grooves so as to give added rigidity and strength.

    ‘corrugated cardboard’
    • ‘This is one of the drawbacks to corrugated metal culverts as well.’
    • ‘Far below glittered a blue pie-slice of Mediterranean, corrugated by wind, with the leaning red sails of fishing craft.’
    • ‘On the pitched and gabled roof she swept debris from the channels of the corrugated tin.’
    • ‘Further on you see more permanent structures of wood or corrugated iron.’
    • ‘This canopy is patched together of blackened corrugated steel, curved in a low arch against its structural inclination.’
    • ‘The shed, which contained the forge, was not a very well built structure, being made entirely of corrugated iron sheet, but it was sturdy enough for what it was used for.’
    • ‘Laying the bottles on the kind of corrugated tin or iron used for roofs works particularly well.’
    • ‘The strategy was, however, beginning to unravel as demand for corrugated materials slumped in the past two years.’
    • ‘Thinking that the cub was unable to stand because of the smoothness of the concrete floor of the cage, the zoo staff made a corrugated surface for Chandu to stand on.’
    • ‘Mask an iron roof or corrugated asbestos roof with an evergreen climber.’
    • ‘The material was part of the corrugated material which made up the roof of the old function hall.’
    • ‘Some people play washboards with their bare fingers on the corrugated surface.’
    • ‘In towns, more houses are built with imported materials such as concrete block and corrugated iron.’
    • ‘In 1954 I straightened out a piece of corrugated cardboard with a surface area of a square meter.’
    • ‘They have no land or houses, just low, corrugated iron structures that serve as houses.’
    • ‘Some rural people have adapted their houses to modern building materials, using bricks or cement blocks and corrugated iron or tin for roofs.’
    • ‘On the edges of the cities families huddle together in corrugated iron shacks, and the streets are ankle-deep in water during the rainy season.’
    • ‘Neumann proved this with many of his very realistic settings, where he uses secondhand cloths or materials like carton or corrugated iron.’
    • ‘These shacks are made of cement, unlike their cardboard and corrugated iron counterparts in South Africa.’
    • ‘It's in a corrugated metal building that used to be a garage.’
    ridged, fluted, channelled, furrowed, grooved, crimped, folded, crinkled, crinkly, puckered, creased, wrinkled, wrinkly, crumpled, rumpled
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