Definition of corpus cavernosum in English:

corpus cavernosum


  • Either of two masses of erectile tissue forming the bulk of the penis and the clitoris.

    • ‘However, at this point in time robust registration of fast and small changes in the corpus cavernosum smooth muscle action potential is not possible.’
    • ‘Injections into the corpora cavernosa may be used as a diagnostic procedure to assess erectile response, and have been enthusiastically taken up by some practitioners as a treatment.’
    • ‘Eleven patients had an accessory vessel in the corpus cavernosum arising from the dorsal penile artery.’
    • ‘This increased flow of blood fills up the two corpora cavernosa resulting in an erection.’
    • ‘Sildenafil, the first oral drug marketed for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, relaxes smooth muscle in the corpora cavernosa, enabling erection during arousal.’


From corpus and Latin cavernosum, neuter of cavernosus ‘containing hollows’.


corpus cavernosum