Definition of corpulence in English:



mass noun
  • The state of being fat; obesity.

    ‘her corpulence is the butt of every joke’
    • ‘It is common for men of the most unwieldy corpulence to crowd themselves into a chair, and demand to be carried for a shilling as far as an airy young lady whom we scarcely feel upon our poles.’
    • ‘Obesity, especially among children, is to be discouraged, but we mustn't get to a point where corpulence is automatically frowned upon.’
    • ‘The surreal corpulence of the boy is a distraction, and when we watch him steal the only pieces of meat from his uncomprehending blind stepsister's rice bowl we are reminded not of Chaplin but of Fellini.’
    • ‘Although still a bit on the thin side, Eric was not one to let his body waste into corpulence, as his Father seemed content to be doing in his later years.’
    • ‘Glasgow and Edinburgh have emerged as the UK's twin capitals of corpulence in a national guide to unhealthy living.’
    obesity, fatness, plumpness, stoutness, chubbiness, chunkiness, paunchiness, portliness, roundness, rotundity, burliness, heaviness, fleshiness, meatiness
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