Definition of corpse pose in English:

corpse pose


  • A resting pose in yoga, typically assumed at the end of a session, in which one lies flat on one's back with one's eyes closed and one's arms relaxed at one's sides.

    ‘some beginners just work on sun salutations for 10 to 15 minutes and then rest in the corpse pose’
    • ‘Then extend your legs and lie flat on your back in corpse pose, arms relaxed at your sides for at least 5 minutes.’
    • ‘The class ends with students flat on their backs in corpse pose.’
    • ‘For any meditation technique, it is necessary to sit with the back erect (or lie down in the corpse pose if you have a back problem).’
    • ‘Then relax for as long as you like in corpse pose: lie on your back, letting feet fall open, arms relaxed by your sides, palms up.’
    • ‘Right at the end there's ten minutes with the lights off, eyes closed and in the corpse pose.’