Definition of corporativist in English:


adjective & noun

  • See corporative

    • ‘Austria's institutional set-up with its strong corporativist elements and its consensus-orientated policy did well in the times of catching up, but did not achieve as much structural change as Finland or other countries.’
    • ‘This concentration of authority also provides the most fertile ground for the clientelist and corporativist practices that characterise Ecuadorean politics.’
    • ‘Aspects of the corporativist state were imitated in Spain and elsewhere.’
    • ‘You were either a communist (aka socialist, Bolshevik, Troskyite, etc.) or fascist (aka corporativist, national socialist, central planning, New Deal, etc.).’
    • ‘In Italy, the fascist party had both national-syndicalist and corporativist members, but the corporativists where closest to the Mussolini-thing.’