Definition of corporatism in English:



  • [mass noun] The control of a state or organization by large interest groups.

    ‘fascism was the high point of corporatism’
    • ‘Like fascists everywhere, Hitler saw corporatism, sometimes dismissed by contemporary scholars as a smokescreen for the untrammelled power of big business, as one of the keys to social peace.’
    • ‘Fascism should more appropriately be called corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power.’
    • ‘She gets this so wrong it's not funny and I'm tempted to digress with some comments on the historical link between fascism and corporatism - but why bother.’
    • ‘The new economy, the mantra went, would celebrate individuality, workplace democracy and creativity over the old economy mind-set that put a premium on the organisation man, corporatism and sheer size.’
    • ‘It is a war against unbridled corporatism and militarism.’
    • ‘This allowed Britain, for example, to build up a particularly rigid form of welfare corporatism under Labour's post-war governments, and then to shift sharply to the right under Margaret Thatcher.’
    • ‘Unfortunately American political culture, and increasingly global political culture, is infected with themes of either radical individualism or radical corporatism.’
    • ‘Whatever the legitimation in terms of harmonious labour relations, corporatism in practice ensured that the interests of big business prevailed over those of organized labour.’
    • ‘It is time to get rid of the selfish views and the rampant abuse of our planet and people for the foolish and temporary profits of corporatism.’
    • ‘Fascist-style corporatism had little appeal in liberal democracies.’
    • ‘In economic policies they would eventually adopt a platform of militant corporatism and economic nationalism.’
    • ‘Fascism is about corporatism and the slow, sly, insidious subversion of the democratic process, which you have very capably written about.’
    • ‘However, rowing remains one of the few pursuits that has retained its dignity to the present day, seen in distinction from corporatism and its pervasive influences.’
    • ‘Their support for corporatism displays true fascism as Mussolini defined the term.’
    • ‘Mussolini's fascism attempted to remove class antagonisms through nationalism and corporatism.’
    • ‘A third area of interest includes the mechanisms of capitalist accommodation, especially nationalism and corporatism.’
    • ‘Socialism, fascism, communism, corporatism and indeed our own hybrid democracy are all exercises in minimising financial risk in people's lives.’
    • ‘The problem is corporatism in the public sphere, and corporatism in the public sphere is fascism.’
    • ‘Do the people of AdBusters, the people who sport their black spot logo and the people who support this type of action realize that capitalism and corporatism and the buying and making of goods is what keeps America going?’
    • ‘Mussolini defined the first stage of fascism as corporatism.’