Definition of cornucopian in English:



  • See cornucopia

    • ‘It is a 260 page, brightly illuminated cornucopian essay on men, biology, penises, genetics, masculinity, and many other related topics.’
    • ‘I imagine the beguiling capsules pricked, skins wrinkling as they leak though they look certain as glass as if plucked from the cornucopian table of a seventeenth century still life.’
    • ‘Not so the Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum, whose inaugural show some 25 years ago featured a cornucopian banquet table loaded with the daily breads of the world - twisted, braided, and kneaded.’
    • ‘John Greenway, Derek Watson and many others will not be able to resist the temptation to win a hamper, a turkey, whisky and lovely money amongst the cornucopian prize list.’
    • ‘Two images dominate our idea of the Columbia: the river as spiritual force that inspires and moves people, and the river as cornucopian provider that creates economic value.’