Definition of Cornish pasty in English:

Cornish pasty


  • A pasty containing seasoned meat and vegetables, especially potato.

    • ‘At nearby Port Fairy, founded in 1835, I found plenty of touristy touches - Cornish pasties, Devonshire teas and old stone pubs.’
    • ‘Aside from the traditional Cornish pasty the favourite has turned out to be steak and Stilton, although as many vegetarian options are sold each day as those with meat fillings.’
    • ‘As well as being one of Cornwall's most successful food exports, the Cornish pasty is also an essential part of the holiday experience for 3.5 million tourists a year.’
    • ‘We walked into one of those bars where the locals stop in mid-drink, mid-conversation, and mid-munching of their Cornish pasties and just stare at the newcomers who dared to cross the threshold.’
    • ‘The Minack's magical, open-air auditorium carved out of the cliff has a great café. Eat a Cornish cream tea, baguettes with Yarg cheese or Cornish pasties overlooking the green bay.’
    • ‘Alex and I helped the kids make pastry for the Cornish pasties and they took it home to cook and eat with their parents.’
    • ‘As well a brasserie and café there were also stalls selling noodles, pizza and of course Cornish pasties.’
    • ‘I've always felt that someone ought to redesign the Cornish pasty; it's a lumpy, doughy mess compared to the light pastries you get here.’
    • ‘We noted chilli con carne, beef lasagne and Cornish pasties among the hot dishes.’
    • ‘The plan, to take a long weekend in Cornwall to surf, sit in the sun, drink cold beer and eat Cornish pasties, was successful.’
    • ‘The colonial influence, of course, remains; there are still Cornish pasties, meat pies and steamed puddings.’
    • ‘After the essential Cornish pasty was purchased we headed back to the jetty where preparations were underway.’
    • ‘The inquest heard that Mrs Walker suffered from a wheat intolerance and on the day she died ate a Cornish pasty for lunch.’
    • ‘Rounds of egg and cress sandwiches, mini Cornish pasties and smoked salmon on brown bread were laid out on the table.’
    • ‘Huddled around the wood-burning stove munching delicious empanadas - the Spanish answer to the Cornish pasty - we felt like true explorers.’
    • ‘Luckily for me, my lovely English friend Ian had baked some Cornish pasties and dropped a couple off at my place earlier in the day.’
    • ‘Granny Lean's Cornish pasties contained layers of carrots, neeps, potatoes and onions.’
    • ‘Jethro has made a record nine appearances on the Des O'Connor Show and appeared on Jim Davidson's Generation Game five times twice to make a Cornish pasty!’
    • ‘At the Village Pub, still owned by Pendered and Haigh, food has always been as crucial a component as style (no Ginster Cornish pasties here, no sweating sarnies or salty pork scratchings) and it's no different at Barnsley House.’
    • ‘But any Lancashire dish hoping to be named the nation's favourite will have to see off stiff competition from Yorkshire puddings and Cornish pasties in the bid to be the best.’


Cornish pasty

/ˌkɔːnɪʃ ˈpasti/