Definition of Cornish cream in English:

Cornish cream


mass nounBritish
  • Clotted cream.

    • ‘What you need first is plenty of Cornish cream, one of the most sinfully fattening delights known to man.’
    • ‘Now spread the Cornish cream on and into this press all the crab claw meat.’
    • ‘Both styles are scrumptious, but if you want that smoother Cornish cream, keep the nicest looking bits of the crust in a separate dish and spoon a little of the unthickened cream into the rest.’
    • ‘Mrs Thornton of Cornwall said that she was eating a cream tea when she was confronted by the naked rambler previously. ‘Put me right off,’ she said today, ‘I can't look a dollop of Cornish cream in the face again.’’
    • ‘The Cornish have always enjoyed clotted cream, but now so many visitors have delighted in the taste of Cornish cream that it is now sent all over the world.’