Definition of corn bunting in English:

corn bunting


  • A large thickset Eurasian bunting with brown streaked plumage and a jangling song, inhabiting open grassland and arable land.

    Emberiza or 'Miliaria' calandra, family Emberizidae (subfamily Emberizinae)

    • ‘Among the birds which have suffered catastrophic losses over the past 30 years are the tree sparrow, grey partridge, lapwing, curlew, snipe, skylark, corncrake, corn bunting, black and red grouse.’
    • ‘Dr Gibbons explained that the birds likely to be affected by GM rape and beet were seed eaters such as skylarks, the corn bunting and the yellowhammer.’
    • ‘Conservation agency English Nature is working with farmers in the Lower Derwent Valley, where the grasslands and meadows are home to rare birds, such as the corn bunting and grey partridge.’
    • ‘Birds such as skylark, corn bunting and tree sparrow are now in decline, and the RSPB hopes the survey will pinpoint farms where they are still present.’
    • ‘And he found a number of bird species, such as the corn bunting, tree sparrow, grey partridge, skylark, linnet and yellow wagtail, which have been seriously declining since the growth of intensive agriculture.’