Definition of corkscrew in English:



  • 1A device for pulling corks from bottles, consisting of a spiral metal rod that is inserted into the cork, and a handle that extracts it.

    • ‘I inserted the corkscrew and began wrestling with the bottle like an ancient Greco-Roman wrestler.’
    • ‘His viewers enjoy half-filled glasses, empty bottles and corks left in the corkscrew.’
    • ‘The youngsters are learning everything about wine - from what makes the perfect corkscrew to Mr Ponder's tips on the best bottles of wine and champagne on sale around Manchester.’
    • ‘You open a bottle of wine, leave the cork in the corkscrew, sit down, relax and share stories with one another.’
    • ‘Some of the most frequently found objects include knitting needles, sets of cutlery, corkscrews and scissors.’
    • ‘He walked bravely over to the bar, followed by the Curries, lifted a bottle out of the box, called for glasses - wine glasses - took the corkscrew from the bartender and opened the bottle himself.’
    • ‘They had to have one of the guards open the bottles with a corkscrew on his pocket knife but the wine was soon flowing.’
    • ‘If your corkscrew won't shift it, try running hot water over the neck of the bottle to expand the glass, then revert to the corkscrew.’
    • ‘‘Meanwhile,’ said Brush, brandishing his bottle of whiskey, ‘Anyone got a corkscrew?’’
    • ‘I'm not the strongest guy in the world, and to make things worse, I can't really use any mechanisms such as bottle openers, can openers or corkscrews.’
    • ‘After an hour, Phillip carried one of the crates of bottles to the haggard, and with a corkscrew he deftly pulled the corks from them, handing one to each man.’
    • ‘This is particularly appealing to those buying property to let, as a complete inventory of practical items, from kettles and toasters to cheese-graters and corkscrews, is provided.’
    • ‘The men in charge of the stalls handle corkscrews much as you or I might a live cobra.’
    • ‘Stephanie grabbed the wine and mangled the cork with the corkscrew.’
    • ‘There are two main approaches: one is a synthetic plug the same shape as a cork that can be placed in the top of the bottle in the same way as a cork and removed with a corkscrew, so preserving the ritual of opening a bottle of wine.’
    • ‘So my dodgy corkscrew did not work with this modern cork.’
    • ‘An imaginary corkscrew and a mimed bottle pouring has stood me in good stead, even in parts of Italy where they barely speak Italian.’
    • ‘I broke the seal on the wine bottle, twisted the point of the corkscrew into the cork, and eased it out.’
    • ‘Tell me, because I'd like to know, are there any anti-shyness devices that don't need a corkscrew?’
    • ‘Then he puts the bottle between his legs and inserts an old fashioned corkscrew, pulls and tugs before the cork comes out.’
    1. 1.1usually as modifier A thing with a spiral shape or movement.
      ‘a girl with corkscrew curls’
      • ‘After a normal flight, we went into a tight, corkscrew dive that sent your stomach up into your throat - and in the case of two passengers, out their mouths and into their laps.’
      • ‘His unusual head of red corkscrew curls, his unconventional looks, have attracted some scathing press.’
      • ‘This uses two giant corkscrew pumps to shift over 7 million gallons of water a day into a holding pond above the main lake.’
      • ‘He certainly seems to have mellowed, despite his slightly crazed Noddy Holder corkscrew curls and permanent top hat.’
      • ‘She hated Dorothy Jo, who had beautiful corkscrew curls, and the whole nine yards.’
      • ‘She had her short brown hair a shade darker than her tan skin, pulled back in a ponytail with the hair curled in corkscrew curls.’
      • ‘The most noticeable thing about her was the mop of unruly, dirty-blonde corkscrew curls framing her heart shaped face.’
      • ‘He speculated that a ball falling through a hole at the equator would follow a corkscrew trajectory.’
      • ‘It's a sordid story, curly as the 200-plus pound porker's corkscrew tail.’
      • ‘At the age of seventy, his blue eyes still twinkle under a mop of corkscrew curls.’
      • ‘The attractive young lady with corkscrew curls and a floral brooch sits high on the ivory, her large eyes accentuated by heavily outlined lids and eyelashes.’
      • ‘I feel guilty that on busy mornings I am taking a regular brush to her corkscrew curls, thereby rendering her mop into something that is very Einstein-like.’
      • ‘His colouring was very dark and his features very striking, his hair was a nest of black corkscrew curls and he wore an Australian bush hat.’
      • ‘Her long honey blond hair was pulled back in half twist, leaving the rest free in corkscrew curls.’
      • ‘Rianna was of an average height with corkscrew strawberry-blond curls and icy blue eyes.’
      • ‘A beautiful woman with corkscrew hair, just stared and stared into the distance.’
      • ‘Instead, the person standing on the other side of his screen door was a slim young woman with corkscrew curls and wounded green eyes.’
      • ‘Neither of these effects would produce a corkscrew flight path.’
      • ‘Blonde corkscrew curls, wide blue eyes, and a simpering smile.’
      • ‘Her corkscrew curls taunt me all through class.’


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  • Move or twist in a spiral motion.

    ‘the plane was corkscrewing towards the earth’
    • ‘And every one of us was positive she'd stalled, spun-in and finally corkscrewed herself right into the ground.’
    • ‘As Di Giacomo corkscrewed around red shirts and Murray treated opponents like cones on a training field, the defiant hopes of the visiting fans quickly evaporated.’
    • ‘Kenji slowly tore his gaze away from them as he began his descent from his impressive leap, only to meet a body corkscrewing through the air.’
    • ‘There are, of course, more looping, spinning, corkscrewing areas to navigate, and there are likewise levels that move up and down, left and right, and spin things around as gamers stare in awe.’
    • ‘Joe screamed, corkscrewing into a fetal position as the pain knifed through him.’
    • ‘Cahill's plane, still corkscrewing, veers towards the laser on the Kratch battleship, which is preparing to fire again.’
    • ‘For eight white-knuckled seconds, he had to try to stay on that jolting, snorting, corkscrewing half-ton of steak on the hoof.’
    • ‘Brian Fisher turned bounding leaps into corkscrewing descents and ended them in a perfect Fred Astaire pose.’
    • ‘The question of whether to proceed with the second flight arose after SpaceShipOne unexpectedly began corkscrewing as it soared toward space during its first competition flight Wednesday.’
    • ‘And its staircase is a regulation turnpike, corkscrewing up the side of the building.’
    • ‘He was a beautiful child, with brown curls corkscrewing from his head, and vivid green eyes with long lashes.’
    • ‘He moved in the middle of yet another sweet attack, corkscrewed around a couple of defenders before battering home an unstoppable shot from 20 yards.’
    • ‘From the outset his body language has been aggressive (legs crossed, then arms corkscrewed in a self-wrestling headlock).’
    • ‘And even if we had, we would have bet 100 to 1 that she would have corkscrewed into the ground, crashed into a farm, a forest or a city rather than belly sliding to a stop on a snowy field.’
    • ‘I wrapped my wings around my body and corkscrewed towards the Darkness.’
    • ‘Then she winced as one of Cat's fighters took a graviton shot to its port engine bank and began corkscrewing towards the building.’
    • ‘I looped and corkscrewed around the cruiser at R6.’
    • ‘Tiny flowers like I've never seen before color the ground: delicate violet fairy-bells; exotic pink orchids; tiny, snowy things on long, corkscrewing vines; and deep blue, star-shaped mysteries.’
    • ‘The 1950s former Swiss air force trainer jet had flown four times over the crowd before trying to turn when it corkscrewed and plummeted into a ridge.’
    • ‘It was a high, clear Himalayan morning, and we were corkscrewing our way up from the banks of the river, up the steep sides of a narrow, thickly wooded valley.’
    spiral, coil, wreathe, twirl, swirl, furl
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