Definition of cork cambium in English:

cork cambium


mass nounBotany
  • Tissue in the stem of a plant that gives rise to cork on its outer surface and a layer of cells containing chlorophyll on its inner.

    • ‘Periderm is the other product of secondary growth; it is produced by the cork cambium, a cylindrical layer of cells which develops not far under the outer skin of the plant.’
    • ‘It has been widely suggested that phellem, a corky outer layer derived from the cork cambium may function as aerenchyma, but until now no-one had tested that hypothesis.’
    • ‘Periderm is composed of cork, a secondary tissue derived from activity of the cork cambium.’
    • ‘Bark textures are a result of changes in cork cambium, and the furrows and cracks arise from stretching, as the circumference increases.’
    • ‘Both groups produce reinforced periderm from a cork cambium.’