Definition of coreopsis in English:



  • A plant of the daisy family, which is cultivated for its rayed, typically yellow, flowers.

    Also called tickseed
    • ‘Common examples of perennial flowers are purple coneflower, lance-leaf coreopsis, dame's rocket and daisy.’
    • ‘The roadsides sparkled with coreopsis, crimson clover, vetch, spring beauties, and other gem-like blooms.’
    • ‘This works extremely well with my geraniums, coreopsis, nepeta, and Campanula carpatica.’
    • ‘Other plants that also attract ladybugs include cosmos (especially the white ones), coreopsis, and scented geraniums, dandelions.’
    • ‘This designation also followed the state of Florida's highway beautification program, when the coreopsis was widely used for roadside plantings.’
    • ‘Daylilies and coreopsis, on the other hand, can live for decades (though they'll need dividing every few years to remain vigorous).’
    • ‘I direct seed bachelor's buttons, bupleurum, bells of Ireland, coreopsis, zinnias, some sunflowers and more.’
    • ‘Pink and purple penstemons decorate the outer edges of this sunny bed, with coreopsis and yarrow filling the spaces in between.’
    • ‘Tuck summer bloomers like purple verbena, yellow daisylike helianthus, purple coneflower, and coreopsis behind it.’
    • ‘The color scheme is rich yellow and dark red, from plants such as coreopsis, creeping zinnia, ‘Garnet’ penstemon, pineapple sage, rudbeckia, and yarrow.’
    • ‘But eventually they found their specialty after tireless experimenting and taking risks - flowers ranging from native Texas' coreopsis and black-eyed Susans to the elegant oriental lilies and callas.’
    • ‘Four to six weeks before the average date of the last frost in your area, start seeds indoors of drought-tolerant warm-season flowers such as coreopsis, globe amaranth, lion's tail, and rudbeckia.’
    • ‘If perennials like agapanthus, candytuft, coreopsis, daylilies, and penstemon are overgrown or not flowering well, it's time to dig and divide them.’
    • ‘I love rudbeckias of all sizes, shastas similarly, colourful chrysanthemums and coreopsis, marguerites, ox-eyes, osteospermums; the list is almost endless.’
    • ‘We finally turned into the entrance of Pirip's compound, a narrow dirt lane bordered by patterns of black stones, scarlet hibiscus, and golden coreopsis.’
    • ‘The clippers are also useful for deadheading flowers on herbaceous perennials such as coreopsis and lavender, but they should never be used to cut tough, woody growth.’
    • ‘Goldfinches also feed on the seed of goldenrod, coreopsis, cosmos, zinnias, dandelions and other weedy plants.’
    • ‘And when on earth did that Veronica grow so large that it ate up the space I'd planned to put the coreopsis in?’
    • ‘In cottage gardens, old standbys such as asters, daylilies, delphiniums, and hostas mix with newer perennials such as coreopsis and ornamental grasses such as fountain grass and blood grass.’


Modern Latin, from Greek koris bug + opsis appearance (because of the shape of the seed).