Definition of Cordtex in English:



mass nountrademark
  • Fuse cable consisting of a core of explosive material in a plastic and textile sheath.

    • ‘These were proprietary brands such as Cordtex or Primacord which looked like a silver or yellow electric wire and which contained a white explosive filling.’
    • ‘George Thomas’ favourite explosive charge was a five gallon drum of petrol with a ring of Cordtex and a detonator.’
    • ‘This was a 14oz tin of explosive with a built-in primer and a hole through the middle so that it could be strung on Cordtex which was a type of explosive line.’
    • ‘Two lengths of Cordtex may be joined by a simple knot, although it is recommended that an extra length be used to bypass the knot in the event of the knot coming loose or detonation failing across the join.’
    • ‘In practice if you initiate the Cordtex at the front there is a millisecond delay before the back goes and so the chimney falls the right way.’


1930s: from the noun cord + textile.