Definition of corbel table in English:

corbel table


  • A projecting course of bricks or stones resting on corbels.

    • ‘There are fictive vaults, corbel tables, columns and windows.’
    • ‘Note the articulation of the facade with arched corbel tables and pilaster strips.’
    • ‘Where several corbels are used together to support a roof, this is called a corbel table.’
    • ‘The design selected for the building was termed ‘Italian Renaissance Revival’ based upon the building's Gothic arching at the roofline and floriated series of corbel tables.’
    • ‘One of these, built in 1906 for butchers Burchill and Howey, was a study in elegant styling, with arched windows, decorative brick and stone bands and corbel tables set at the top of the wall.’
    • ‘The corbeling here forms a corbel table which assumes the appearance of a bracketed window sill.’
    • ‘The distinctive square bell tower, tile roof, round arched windows and corbel tables closely resemble churches in Italy and represents the Romanesque Revival architectural style.’
    • ‘The topmost contains single-arched openings on each of the four sides and is decorated with artificial sandstone quoining, corbel tables, and sculptured figures on each of the four corners.’
    • ‘The sculpture is probably part of a corbel table, carved in continental style of high relief.’
    • ‘Similar ingredients appear at Leuchars, where the choir and apse survive, both compartments heavily enriched with arcading and corbel table on the exterior.’
    • ‘Elements of the style include a broad, square tower, large chunky blocks, Norman or rounded arches, and corbel tables under the eaves.’
    • ‘Romanesque Revival buildings are characterized by round-arched windows, arched corbel tables, and one or two towers at the front facade.’
    • ‘At the west end is a low and massive tower, with shallow buttresses, lancet bell openings, corbel table, and a saddleback roof with gables east and west decorated with fish-scale moulding.’
    • ‘Falling just below the eaves, arcaded corbel tables are often found on the gabled facades of revival churches.’
    • ‘Just below the corbel table and centrally placed is a louvred slit without dressings to illuminate the belfry.’
    • ‘This building was expertly adapted to the steep terrain and the layout of the surrounding streets and corbel tables supported by stone consoles were employed so that the rooms on the upper floor could be symmetrical in shape.’
    • ‘On the outside of the church, there are blind arches resembling windows also known as corbel tables.’
    • ‘A winding approach road leads to and through a splendid big tower, strategically placed and crowned with Moorish stepped battlements which break its substantial mass against the sky as happily as the characteristic pilaster strips and arched corbel tables model its ample surfaces.’
    • ‘It is square below and circular after it clears the eaves of the roofs, and is finished off at the corbel table level with a conical roof.’
    • ‘In modern chimney construction a corbel table is constructed on the inside of a flue in the form of a concrete ring beam supported by a range of corbels.’