Definition of coralroot in English:



  • 1A leafless orchid which has inconspicuous flowers and lacks chlorophyll. It has a pale knobbly rhizome which obtains nourishment from decaying organic matter.

    Genus Corallorhiza, family Orchidaceae: several species, including the widespread C. trifida

    • ‘In June, berries are ripe and we will look for the coralroot orchids under the oak trees.’
    • ‘Other floral delights along the trail include spotted coralroot orchids, twisted stalk, fireweed, and showy asters.’
    • ‘The coralroots are the only members of the orchid family native to Nova Scotia that are without chlorophyll and depend upon the decomposing remains of other plants for sustenance.’
    • ‘Lilacs, Canada anemone, orange hawkweed, blue-eyed grass, wild sarsaparilla, coralroot orchid in cedar-hemlock woods, hundreds of jack-in-the-pulpits along Hidden Bluff Trail.’
    • ‘There is also a small genus of orchids, called coralroots, that obtains the majority of its nutrition from a mycorrhizal association with soil fungi.’
    • ‘There are two other coralroots (Striped and Western) in our area.’
    • ‘Several coralroot orchids grew on the downslope of the portage to Proulx.’
    • ‘Red coralroot orchids, pale irises, white-flowered thimbleberry, and tanoak look up to madrones that would be the giants of any other forest.’
    • ‘The coralroot orchids are not considered ‘true’ vascular plant parasites because they do not have haustoria.’
    • ‘Prior to 1995, all of the then known species of coralroots in North America except Wister's coralroot were known to have a particular color form variation.’
    • ‘Ferns and coralroot orchids grow in the deep woods, while greenfly orchids and resurrection ferns adorn the live oak branches.’
    • ‘Forget-me-nots bloom in the spring, along with strawberries and iris, and you may even see a few striking red spotted coralroots, a saprophytic orchid.’
    • ‘An unexpected display of coralroot orchid near the trailhead was just the first of many stops along the way.’
    • ‘The others are early coralroot and late coralroot.’
    • ‘This year, I saw them in a number of places, got a good look and learned they are spotted coralroots.’
    • ‘The Navajo made a tea of spotted coralroot used as a lotion for ringworm or skin disease.’
    • ‘A similar situation is found in the coralroot orchids (genus Corallorhiza).’
    • ‘Still plenty of fairyslipper along the Incense Cedar Trail, and additional striped coralroot orchids have joined the one specimen that has been blooming for over a month.’
    • ‘Over 360 species of plant have been recorded on site including creeping spearwort (found at only four other sites in Britain) and coralroot orchid.’
    • ‘Some of the orchids were growing immediately adjacent to coralroots, and it's curious that these two species should so prefer this one particular area under oaks.’
    1. 1.1
      another term for cockscomb (sense 3)
  • 2A Eurasian woodland plant with purple flowers and bud-like swellings (bulbils) at the base of the stem.

    Cardamine bulbifera, family Cruciferae

    • ‘Old Park Wood is the most varied piece of woodland in Middlesex with an abundance of flowers in spring including yellow archangel, lesser celandine, wood anemone, coralroot bittercress and bluebells.’
    • ‘Ancient woods are home to some special plants such as yellow bird's nest, coralroot bittercress and a number of rare orchids.’
    • ‘In spring time the floor is bright with bluebells, wood anemone and wild daffodils and also supports the nationally rare coralroot bittercress.’
    • ‘Bluebells form a stunning carpet, along with yellow archangel, lesser celandine, wood anemone and the uncommon coralroot bittercress.’
    • ‘Here in spring you can see wood anemones bluebells and an unusual plant with pinkish flowers called coralroot bittercress.’