Definition of corallite in English:



  • 1The cup-like calcareous skeleton of a single coral polyp.

    • ‘Daughter corallites possess relatively large diameters from the beginning, along with a robust colonial pattern.’
    • ‘Daughter corallites then turn vertically, giving the corallum a robust appearance.’
    • ‘The fine skeletal structures of the corallites are typically obliterated; skeletons are composed of fine to coarse, neomorphic calcite.’
    • ‘The angle between offsets and parent corallites varies, even in the same division.’
    • ‘If I were to look at photographs of the deep structure of this piece, I'd see down into the level of the skeleton of each coral polyp, the corallite.’
    1. 1.1A fossil coral.


Early 19th century: from Latin corallum coral + -ite.