Definition of corallita in English:


(also coralita)


  • A pink-flowered climbing vine native to Mexico and the Caribbean, grown as an ornamental.

    Antigonon leptopus, family Polygonaceae

    • ‘Honeysuckle, jasmine and the rose veil of corallita spread their fragrance across the islands, while closer to the ground still, tiny ernodea can be found hiding amongst the trees.’
    • ‘A corallita vine with pink blooms grows along the walls.’
    • ‘Numerous additional descriptive common names, including confederate vine, Mexican creeper, chain of love, love vine, pink vine, corallita and Queen's wreath.’
    • ‘Roosevelt says these vines are called corallita.’


Late 19th century: from American Spanish coralito, diminutive of Spanish coral ‘coral’.