Definition of coralberry in English:


nounPlural coralberries

  • An evergreen North American shrub of the honeysuckle family, which has fragrant white flowers followed by deep red berries.

    Symphoricarpos orbiculatus, family Caprifoliaceae

    • ‘The various species of American coralberries & snowberries are sometimes represented as being mildly toxic.’
    • ‘We have tons of coralberry growing naturally in our woodland.’
    • ‘Our own native pests haven't developed a taste for it yet; although if other members of its family are under assault, you can expect coralberry to be victimized, too.’
    • ‘Or watch cedar waxwings, by the scores, enjoy a Thanksgiving feast of bright red coralberries.’
    • ‘In the northeastern foothills, on relatively dry slopes, bur oak dominates above an understory of hop hornbeam, smooth sumac, coralberry, and poison ivy.’
    • ‘With adequate water, coralberry can grow quite large and the habit of producing long stolons, which sometimes are just underground but mostly are right above, tends to create colonies of the plants.’
    • ‘I sat down on the step, and I could see them, cleverly hidden among the shadows and the coralberry.’
    • ‘Shrubs that will provide food and cover include honeysuckles, snowberries, red and yellowtwig dogwoods, sumacs, coralberries, serviceberries, chokecherries and a wide variety of shrubby plums.’
    • ‘Most people find that the flavor of coralberries is very unpleasant.’
    • ‘Powdery mildew is continuing to show up on lilacs and snowberries (including coralberries).’
    • ‘Plants such as the black chokeberry have spring flowers, berries that develop to an attractive blue/black in summer and stunning fall color, likewise with the coralberries, only their berries are a pretty coral to red lasting into winter.’
    • ‘West Virginians can take advantage of their native habitat with elderberries and blueberries, coralberries or greenbrier.’
    • ‘Heavy pruning to renew growth through sprouting usually controls several types of fungi that infect coralberries.’
    • ‘There seems to be no mechanism to limit self-pollination, and cleistogamous flowers have been reported in cultivated specimens of coralberry.’
    • ‘There are lighter-pink-fruited cultivars of the native red coralberry and there is a Northern cousin known as snowberry (S. doorenbosii), for its white fruits.’
    • ‘At first glance, you might think the ghostly white snowberries and the coralberries have nothing in common.’
    • ‘Bright red hollies, coralberries and nandinas plus the orange kumquats and pyracanthas are all eye-catching additions to the landscape.’